The truth about working as an Art teacher.

Teaching art to primary school children is rewarding. Especially because children remind you why you love art so much and how amazing it is to create wacky colourful pieces!!

Their tokens of appreciation, like love letters, cards, or drawings they just made for you are probably the most honest gifts anyone can ever get.

Well if you are lucky teaching art to primary school children can be like Valentine’s everyday. All  hugs!!!!!! Not to forget their compliments  ‘Miss I love your top!!’

How can you teach art full time when you are an artist,Setting up an art space organising international exhibitions of other artists, creating events and  doing your own work one asks? Well sometimes  I am left to wonder how I am even capable of thinking of pulling all this stuff off myself.  Number one, there is the commitment and the inability to take days off to travel to international meetings .

Their energy levels are high!! very very high. You have to be on alert all the time and you cannot let anything go unnoticed or otherwise a disaster or terrible accident can happen and not to forget that preparing  a lesson is time consuming and mind blogging.  If  you create a boring task,  you will lose total control of the situation and can find yourself in a very uncomfortable screaming situation.

But apart from that, I think being part of the educational system and knowing what and how culturally, children , the adults of the  future, are being brought up, and  planting seeds of your own  knowledge into those little pretty heads, is essential for an artist.Being a contemporary artist , unlike what many collectively think is not just about living the dream, traveling and painting amazing works that will go into somebody’s living room to match a sofa.

Basically if you want to be a successful contemporary artist you have to do work that can help improve the world and  change the system.You have to be able to identify things that you disagree with and fight for what you believe in and use your work to give the viewers and people a chance to stop and think. Being actively part of the formation of our future generations is much more important and effective  as a teacher than one thinks.

Well at least that is how I feel .






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