Golden Threads – how Gold leaf, Balloons and Cranes came along…. on a Screen.


As a painter, I do sometimes feel cheated  that my artwork has to always hang on a wall, so as I was navigating the internet and found the amazing screens of  one of my super favourite artists, Hernan Baas, I decided to look into the art of the room divider. I found out that many artists, all those that count at least, have explored the art of the screen. To my delight as I had previously stated my love for Japanese Geishas and art… I also explored a lot of Japanese screens which were mostly done on paper and wood, gilded with gold. Apart from that a painted screen  gives painting a sculptural edge to it that for many artists  is hard to resist.

Then I studied a bit more about gold. Gold is an amazing medium apart from being expensive. It’s most superb quality is how  it reflects light. As you move around the room, the light on gold changes making it glisten.

This artwork is the product of months and months of research and thought. All my black and white drawing  were the preparatory work for this piece.Many believe that my choice for cranes is the fact that my son was just born, well maybe it is.

Cranes are a lucky symbol in Japanese art, and legend says that they live for 1000 s of years..

These magnificent  animals wouldn’t last a day here on this Island would they? Humans have a need to capture something they  deem as beautiful .So how was I gonna capture those Cranes without shooting them down?

I decided to create magical golden threads, to hold them down for a bit before they take off. And whilst at it,  throw a bit of a party with balloons.

In the back of my mind, I always feel that plastic is ruining our environment and endangering our beautiful animals . Although it is disguised as  a necessary evil, we really need to stop and think. Hunters are not the only threat to our  birds.

It may be a bit unwise to tell, that this beautiful image, is about  pollution….but it is.




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