The 2 most important people in my life and One more



My mother.

My mum, has shaped everything I am. I remember when I was young, she used to spend days teaching me. The first  words she thought me were colours. Yep. I could name all the different colours of the rainbow before I could count.

I used to see her paint in the kitchen. I was so in awe. I remember her with long hair and a flowery dress, painting this beautiful eternal woman…….

She used to let me put the colours from the tubes into the palette. Then as time went by, she used to let me mix her colours with the palette knife. Then she gave me oil paints to paint, but never let me use linseed oil as she was scared it was poisonous.

Time went by, and as I grew into a teenager, she became extremely strict and would never let me go out later than 10. And I hated her for it. Little did I know how good a mother she was.

We used to fight and argue so much in my teenage years. Only today, can I look back and thank her.

I have become exactly who I wanted to become. An artist. Not the best artist in the world, as I always wished to be( far from it) but at least, independent enough to never bow down to convention and  material  fake promises.

My mum is the best teacher anyone can ever have and witness to this are the hundreds  of students whom she has helped blossom into tattoo artists, artists, graphic designers and architects… teachers..etc…..

My mum is amazing.

When I was accepted at CSM, I couldn’t afford to go. We are not a wealthy family, and my father was really opposed. But my mum, out of nothing like, found out about this Benefactor who supported students, Janatha Stubbs, and told me to write to her. This woman, funded my studies, and even though it was hard I managed to struggle trough and get the degree I wanted- BACHELOR OF FINE ARTS , from the University I always dreamed of.

The second most important person in my life, is Janatha Stubbs.

This woman, has not only helped me achieve my dreams but she supported me trough all the years of difficulty and believed in me. Like she did with so many other students who owe her  their qualifications.

This woman is such a good person and has done so much for our  little island. Not only has she supported students through the years, but she also funded Inspire.

I will never understand how  none of the political parties has ever publicly acknowledged her effort in making Malta  a better place for the disabled, but also for how much she has done for the arts.

If I could I would ask the Prime Minister to make her a monument. Because out of everyone she deserves it best.

I feel that I haven’t lived up to her expectations because I always thought I would become  successful enough to be like her and have enough money to fund other students and the arts.

I have faced way too many obstacles which I must admit have defeated me.

But I would like to use the internet, to remind people about this great person. About all she has done for countless people. Nothing can pay her back for her generosity. She has given me  and many others so many life lessons.

There is also another woman, whom I only met once, who showed extreme generosity to me.

Her name is Karen Sanig

I was in tears going trough hell, my artwork had been stolen, I was being bullied and I was desperate. I just googled – best art lawyer- and her name came up. I sent her a picture of my work , in tears and explained my situation not knowing how big the law firm  was.

She called me. I explained I had no money. She still decided to see me and when I went there,  out of charity she explained to me all the mess and the tricks people were using against me and after the life lessons and eye openers,  she opened the door to me to go back to the world and said to me- GO BACK TO THE FAIRIES – Never let anyone tell you what to do.

In one hour, she changed me and made me stronger. I couldn’t even give her an artwork as a payment because everything had been taken away from me. I also  never thought my artwork was good enough for her.

The Moral of this post is-

I can only thank strong women for making me go trough all the hardships in the world. And although I never became the best artist in the world I always dreamed of being, I sure know I have a lot to teach my son.This hopefully will make me a good mother.

And to the  women I mentioned above,  I would just like to say –

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

We women  should be there for each other much more.

I want younger girls to just go ahead with their dreams and tell them to choose their friends carefully. Because although we should stick together some women need to be avoided like the pest.



I always toy with the idea of writing about the men who have made my life an absolute hell, but they just don’t deserve to be  part of the story I want to tell.


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