Safety for children in an art studio

My parents passed by my studio and showed a little bit of concern regarding my artist materials and the health and safety of my son.

Their concern is totally understandable so I decided to write a post about the health and safety  and  art materials I use around my son so maybe it can help other artist mums out there.

Spray paint-  The best solution is to use Liquitex  water based spray paint . I have checked and it is ideal for educational use , although Montana have smaller spray cans for children which one can see my son play with in one of my instagram videos here


This Link here  is about the level of toxicity and safety of Liquitex,

I recommend them strongly if you work inside.

The Montana water based spray cans are too small and are ideal only for children not to actually work with although colorfastness and coverage is good  it is not as good as Liquitex.


As for paint I am using acrylics.

Acrylics should adhere  to the guidelines of ASTM D 4236 to be safe for children . Most acrylics are but as stated below  in this  health and safety label for Golden-

Children  should always be monitored as they do tend to put everything in their mouth, although I doubt  one will ever eat a whole tube of acrylic paint….when under supervision.


Hope  this helps a bit.








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