Art Lessons

Art Lessons  will be set up  at my studio in Valletta – 280 Republic Street Valletta.

Groups are being set up this Summer for Adults and Children.


Creative projects-

This will be a course of 6 lessons 2 hours each. Students will be  given an assignment  to which they will respond through research and self  directed study towards the production of a final piece. Towards the end of the course, students will work together to set up a group exhibition at the studio , to which they will invite friends and family.

Maximum number of students- 8

Price- 6 sessions  2 hours each at 15 euros each – 90 euros

Children love painting, especially on walls!!!!! and that is what they will do here!!! We tried and they loved it. Bookings for parties more than welcome!. Look at the videos here


We can also come to your home and set the workshop up for you like we did here

Maximum number of students – 15

Price- 1 sessions, 1.5 hours at 10 euros per student.