MAGICK and me.

Before I start talking about Magick , I would  like to apologise to everyone who used to enjoy my posts .I haven’t been posting that much anymore because I had to take a break for summer as being a mother , a full-time artist and a teacher can take it’s toll  .

So what is Magick? Magick to me  is all about imagination. Magick is what you make it, how you want it .It helps you find your true destiny and shape your life and yourself as you want to be. Free from constraints of religious dogma or social dogma.

There are incredible authors out there who have been researching history and uncovering  the stories behind some of the greatest scholars who researched alchemy, enochian ,chaos  magic for over 20 years like Jason Louv just to mention one. Here is a link to an interview by this incredible wizard  I really enjoyed.

We must admit that there has been a shift in consciousness  the last years. At the wake of scandals like sexual attacks  on children and vulnerable women by priests in the catholic church,  the ongoing religious wars , Atomic wars, Global warming, Cancer, mass migration because of which thousands of lives  are lost at sea, and all sorts  horrors, we millennials are starting to question the role of faith and religion  and everything else in our life.

But let’s face it? When haven’t people questioned faith and man’s role in the big cosmic universe? I feel that today, the age of space travel and bitcoin technology, our consciousness is shifting . The way mankind during the Renaissance tried to go back to reach God , to restore man’s grandeur before the fall of Adam,  nowadays the younger generation is  looking into spirituality and ancient wisdom in order to get away from the atrocities our present society is going trough. People are waking up to spirituality, are travelling and choosing to find a different kinds of answers to their need of being at one with the Universe. Nowadays the religious dogma of having to punish oneself  and fit into the model presented doesn’t fit us anymore.  We are looking into going before Religion came  and took over the world and shaped the world as we know it today.  We are looking into ancient wisdom, folkore, mythology and magic. We are doing it because we are tired and feel betrayed by the superpowers shaping every aspect of our lives and continuously letting us down.

So out of the collective we, there are some people like me who look into Magick.

Magick is ancient wisdom , it is folklore, it is the way our ancestors used to answer their spiritual questions about morality and being human. It’s the enchanted books we read as children, it is our dreams of all that we want to become.Magick  is present in the chore of each and everyone of us. You are only as magical as you want to be.


There are different tools with which one can express his magick. Some choose tools like wands, magical rituals and sigils,  others choose art. I am one of the latter.I choose to draw  and paint my magical thoughts and express them in colour. The one  below is part of a set of drawings I did as my son slept last year. It is about something I wish for. A soulmate with whom I can travel the realms of the imaginary and with whom I can  be who I want to be. A physical kiss but in reality it is not. It is about a Cosmic connection of 2 people whose the body is a cultivated  garden, ancient, the body as being full of wisdom as vast as  the universe the body of a soul that has traveled the universe at night that blossoms with love for every creature on earth.


Hope  you like them









Where the Wild things are- I wanted a boy like Max.


When I was pregnant, I spent endless hours  thinking about 2 things. The name I was going to give my son, and the books I was going to read to him. The  thing about being in a strong and healthy relationship is the fact that certain decisions have to be made by both parents. So I couldn’t really have my way with his name, but maybe that was a good thing. On the other hand, the great thing about being in a strong healthy relationship  is that  parents divide their duties with their children and in this case, literature and education were left totally in my hands.

I spent hours looking for the best picture books with the best stories possible and out of everything, Where the Wild things are, just stood out in every sense. In my eyes, little Max causing mischief of all kinds, sent to bed without dinner, and then dreaming of becoming the king of the Wild things is just too perfect a way to describe a boy.To think that in all this book maybe has 10 sentences and that it is mostly made of pictures makes it even more powerful.

I never managed to find a wolf suit, but I did dress my baby as a wild little cuddly bear. I took some snaps when he was asleep but I drew his sleepy face whilst I was wearing him in  the carrier. I really hope my son grows up to have an incredible imagination  like Max. It would make his childhood magical.

And whilst I was drawing him, I kept repeating to myself…’I’ll eat you up I love you so’