When Girls undress- my painted porn posters.


Human sexuality is one of the most intricate concepts we humans face. We  still  struggle with over coming taboos and  conventions which try to control an individual’s sexuality and gender.

As French cultural theorist and renegade Surrealist wrote .’Eroticism , unlike simple sexual activity, is  a psychological quest independent of the natural goal’.

This is what fascinates me so much with the Porn Cinema Poster collection from Citylights Valletta and why people are so interested in it.They are portals to the pornographic world which is a taboo, and these  images represent   the unconsummated desire  of something which one cannot publicly show interest in. Looking at them in their historical context, tagging them as vintage,buying the work of an artist who reconstructed them,  makes one’s desire a justified erotic desire.

Some posters  have  an intense  sense of  aesthetics others lack lustre and are just pointblank raw, depending on the type of sexual fantasy  being sold in the film.

As a woman and a feminist I am torn on how or what stand to take when it comes to the sex industry.Should we legalise aspects to it so that we have more control and help its victims? I don’t know and I will not argue.

I couldn’t help myself but feel sorry for these women on these posters, most of them consenting adults.

I was lucky enough to be given cut outS and doubles and I decided to draw on them decorative images which give another narrative  other than raw sexuality, aiming at giving more dignity to the female figures on the poster.